Hearing and obeying. Who, me?

Did you ever wonder why God doesn’t speak more often?

I did. Today.

Then I mini-ranted to God.  Why don’t you speak more? Why don’t you speak louder? Why don’t you speak to ME personally like you do to Joyce Meyers? She always says, “the Holy Spirit said…” blah blah blah.

And the Holy Spirit answered, “because when I DO speak, you don’t obey.”

Who, me?

And then I realized it was true. Except it wasn’t intentional. It was more like a bout of unbelief. Was that really God’s idea, or was it just mine? Oh, that was probably just me.

So then I said, “OK, Lord, I’m sorry.” Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.

Go start a blog.

A what?

A blog.

Oh, brother.  I don’t even know how.

You know how to find out how. You Google everything else.

OK, that’s not exactly what He said, about Google. But it might as well have been, because even I knew that I knew HOW to find out HOW to start a blog.

Ten minutes later, here I am.

What do I say, Lord?

I guess that’s next. For now, this is all I’ve got.

Anybody out there?


5 thoughts on “Hearing and obeying. Who, me?

  1. Okay, that sounds a lot like the way God speaks to me. I look forward to hearing more of what He shares with you….and that you then share with us.

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