She Speaks. Louder, this time.

She Speaks!

There’s this conference.

It’s called “She Speaks,” and it is for speakers and writers and ministry leaders and wannabe speakers and wannabe writers and wannabe ministry leaders. (Good thing the first three were the last three at one time.) (Figure that out.)

So I don’t know TONS about this conference because I have never gotten to actually go. But when you read the info at it sounds like the kind of place where you can arrive and instantly connect with the friends you only just met because, well, just because we are women and that’s what we do when we share the same God.

So about this conference. My friend Julie likes to attend. She invites me every year. And every year I say, “I can’t, too busy at work, too busy raising kids, too busy being busy.”

Only THIS year is different.

I’m still too busy at work. Although you’d think that working for yourself means you give yourself time off. But I keep putting clients before me, and writing for their business or their newsletter or their sales letter or their proposal or their website or their resume. They seem to be getting what they need from me. Now I need to get what I need.

So THIS year is different.

I’m still too busy raising kids. Oh wait—kid. Two kids grown, one kid to go. So I drive her to school and to practice and to the beach (yup, we live in a beach town) and back to school and to a friend’s house and—oh, wait. She gets her license in three weeks, God willing, and hopefully she will pass the test by actually stopping at all the stop signs like I’ve gently (or not) reminded her for the last 11 months and 1 week. So…

THIS year is different.

I’m retiring as taxi mom. Forever. And I’m not sad about that. At all. Some of my more sentimental friends get sad about stuff like that and I certainly get sentimental about some passages, like my son’s wedding, but not This One. Taxi moms are overworked and severely underpaid.

So there’s this conference. She Speaks. And I’m going.

Because this year is different.

Can’t wait.

Oh, wait.

There’s this scholarship. You can read about it at  It’s a chance to win a She Speaks conference registration, which is incredibly, amazingly, generous. I’d love to win that!

Because, after all, this year is really, really different.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”


3 thoughts on “She Speaks. Louder, this time.

  1. So excited for your Taxi mom days to come to an end. My oldest just got her license and it is already such a help. Now if we could just help her find a way to buy a car, life would be MUCH easier! LOL
    Good luck on the conference. Maybe I’ll even get lucky and meet you there….if I’m not too busy.

    • Donna, I smiled at your “too busy” response. I guess we’ll ALWAYS be too busy as long as there are little (and bigger) people in our world overusing the word “Mom!” I remember my mom once saying, “that’s NOT my name” after hearing the word “Mom” one too many times in an hour. I didn’t get it–until, of course, I became one. But we LOVE the darlings, don’t we? 🙂

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