love like izzy


P.S. Click the tee shirt link to order a shirt; proceeds help the family with the costs and complexities of bringing his earthly body home. 


A young man lived loud, loved life. I didn’t know him. But I stumbled upon his story, read of his zeal, heard of his passion, observed his friends.

He died on a missions trip to Haiti. In a river.

The outcry in celebration of his life on Facebook hit me. They shared stories of his outgoing quirkiness, his friendliness, and mostly, his love. They all said they want to love like Izzy. Because he loved like Jesus.

Never met him. Don’t go to his church. But still, he’s touched me, too.

Thanks, Izzy.



3 thoughts on “love like izzy

    • I am so, so sorry for your loss. How hard, I cannot even imagine it, to lose your best friend. Hugs from me to you. I wish I could have known him. In fact, I will know him someday when we break free from these earthly constraints. Until then, love softens the way, right? Love like Izzy, like Jesus.

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